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Please check the schedule to see tournament times. Tournaments are ticketed events, please visit the gaming tournament booth to register.

Cosplay Contest

The Cosplay Contest is a competitive event that brings local and out of state fans and cosplayers to compete in costume competition. This is a kids friendly event. There will be 2 categories; Character Cosplay, and A Custom Cosplay
Full Schedule HERE

  • By signing up to join the contest you are agreeing to adhere to these rules.

  • Be respectful of your fellow cosplayer (and our team!)

  • Please write legibly on sign-up sheet! This ensures that the show goes as smoothly as possible.

  • There will only be 50 available slots on the sign up! A location of the cosplay signups will be provided at the convention.

  • The Anime Gaming Expo team will not be able to provide any music changes or lighting cues. Unfortunately, we are also unable to take music requests or submissions, as well.

  • Skits will not be possible during the show. Just pose and show off your creativity and personality in the time provided!

  • Remember your place in line. This also ensures that the show runs smoothly.

  • During the contest, enter and exit the stage at designated points only, unless inaccessible. Follow coordinators directions.

  • There will be 2 categories. Character Cosplay, And a Custom Cosplay.

  • Pre-judging will be held on Saturday Feb 4 for cosplay contest.

  • Registration will be held in the entertainment building. Visit KittyKaboom booth for more information.

  • Check-in 30mins before Cosplay Contest

  • Have fun! We love seeing you all!

  • If you are interested in participating, please follow the rules and direction from staff!

Saturday Cosplay Contest

Open for everyone at all levels, Saturday competition pre-judging is required to enter the contest. Cosplay book is not required but would be review by judges if brought. We are looking to seeing everyone cosplay creations on Saturday.

Character Cosplay – Your favorite character brought to life. Close to the character representation.  At least 25% or more of cosplay needs to be created by you to enter.

Original Cosplay – Bringing your character to life. From sketching, designing and finally crafting. We want to see what you create!

Sunday Cosplay Fashion

Open for everyone, come and join us on Sunday to show off your creations and cosplay. This division is introductory to new cosplayer and creators. Without the stress and all the fun and support from fans, and fellow cosplayers.

Cosplay Contest & Fashion, Rules and Information.

Prejudging will be held on the day of event. Please check in and register early.

Must make 25% or more of the costume. Be honest on what you made and if other parts were bought or commissions. No liquid or hazardous materials are used on stage.

Registration at KittyKaboom Cosplay Booth in the Entertainment Building.
Signups, please have Character name, Anime Show which character cosplay from. For Original Cosplay, please include cosplay character name.

Cosplay Contest starts at 3:00pm. Please arrived 30mins or earlier to check-in.

Our awesome sponsor Kotobukiya will be sponsoring this year event prizes. Trophies will be awarded to Best of Show and Best Original Design as well Kotobukiya figurine. Each award winner will receive a 2-Day ticket pass for Anime Gaming Expo 2024.



    • Best in Show | Trophy + Prize
    • Judge’s Award x2 | Trophy + Prize
    • Best Original Design |Trophy + Prize



    • Judge’s Award x2 | Trophy + Prize

TCG Tournaments

More information to come
Full Schedule HERE

Event Tournament hosted by Ultimate Spice Gaming (Instagram USG)
The event will be open to all players, for event ticket holders.
Have Pokémon ids ready to go as well decklist.
If players are new and wanting to participate in the main tournaments, they must check in one hour before the event so that we can get their proper IDs checked or if they need one.
Decklist are provided and mandated.
Saturday, Tournament starts 1:00pm
Sunday, Tournament starts 1:00pm

Hosted by Sugoi Stuff

Hosted By Sugoi Stuff

Anime Scavenger Hunt

More information to come